The song “Ride This Crisis Out” is a positive song simply saying that we will overcome the crisis.
Two versions of the song are published, an electronic pop and an acoustic version, to reach more people with this positive message.


Ride This Crisis Out

We will ride this crisis out
Yes, we will
Yes, we will
Nothing can stop my vibe

I saw people keeping cool and others are afraid
Life’s a one way road, but not only straight
In these days time seems to hang suspended
Believe me, the hardest times have always ended

Your life feels like in a shutdown mode
But this is not more than an episode
An episode, only one out of a million
In years you’ll laugh out loud and tell your children

Medley (only in pop version):
It cannot break me
It cannot shake me
Anticipation is the greatest joy

Start up laughing and stop brooding
Think of overcoming and eluding
Don’t let dark energy possess you
But for now i say good bye, take care, god bless you

Pop Version

Acoustic Version

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