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Behind this artistic creation stands ViennaCC, a true maestro. From songwriting to production, he crafts his symphonies in his own studio. He extends his artistry into music videos, a true visual poet. And yet, his creativity knows no bounds, as he continues to explore photography and drawing, like a modern Renaissance soul.

ViennaCC, a creative bohemian, has adorned his musical journey with accolades. His presence in the Top Ten of World Indie Music Charts and European Indie Music Charts with a few songs has been a testament to his talent. Awards from film festivals and nominations at music events are the laurels of his artistry.

ViennaCC produces pop and rock music for dancing. Important for him are melodies to sing along with. The song’s english lyrics are influenced by his positive mindset. And be surprised by every song’s sound. For producing in his own studio he is free to realize any arrangement, from acoustic to rock to synthesizer. ViennaCC plays guitar, piano, tambourine and – not to forget – voice. Only drums are recorded purely pc based.

ViennaCC: “For me important is melody. A good song – stripped down to voice and chord progression only – must be playable with an acoustic guitar on the fireside as well as by an orchestra. And I like it rocky because I am quite tall and so I have a low blood pressure. I need hard drums to turn me on. Well, I like the combination of melody and hard drums.”

For ViennaCC the Bohemian lifestyle he lives means enjoying life and arts. He got successes, nominations and awards as songwriter, music producer and music video producer as well as photograher. He has thousands of subscribers on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. ViennaCC knows how to bring the vibes to your ears.

ViennaCC runs his own sound recording and video studio in Vienna / Austria. ViennaCC likes classical music like Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, The Kinks, The Doors and possibly L.v.Beethoven and J.Strauss. Before he worked as a programmer, content manager for intra/internet, change manager, cost calculator, journalist, asset accountant, it project manager, CEO of internet company.

ViennaCC studied Communication Engineering, but never worked in this field.

ViennaCC: “I learnt how to calculate an amplifier. But if an amp does not blast I put it to trash and get a new one. That’s my approach to communication engineering.”

The artist name came from the domain he already owned.

ViennaCC: “I was thinking of a good artist name. But great sounding names like Johann Strauss were already taken. And it should be something unique for internet. Enervated I simply took the domain I already owned.”

ViennaCC had piano education and was autodidact in guitar. ViennaCC plays guitar (leadguitar, sologuitar, rhythmguitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar), keyboard (piano, organ, synthesizer) and sings (lead vocals, chorus / background vocals). And plays triangle.

ViennaCC: “My dream is some day to upgrade from triangle to a trapezoid.”

ViennaCC has band experience as he played from punk, hard rock, rock’n’roll to dance hall music.

ViennaCC: “Dance hall band, OMG, we had 300 songs in stock and played the night until 4am. Nice money, but a donkey work.”


ViennaCC Steampunk posing


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