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ViennaCC studied Communication Engineering, but never worked in this field.

ViennaCC: “I learnt how to calculate an amplifier. But if an amp does not blast I put it to trash and get a new one. That’s my approach to communication engineering.”

He was working in IT, had jobs as programmer, IT-Projectmanager, journalist, online content manager, photographer, change manager, cost calculator, installation bookkeeper. 1996 he founded an internet company, what was squeezed down by financial crisis in 2009. In this catastrophy year his Russian-born wife was murdered by a robber in the streets of Vienna.

ViennaCC completely reorganized his life and started to focus on music and video production only.

The artist name came from the domain he already owned.

ViennaCC: “I was thinking of a good artist name. But great sounding names like Johann Strauss were already taken. And it should be something unique for internet. Enervated I simply took the domain I already owned.”

ViennaCC plays guitar, keyboard and vocals and has band experience as he played from punk, hard rock, rock’n’roll to dance hall music.

ViennaCC: “Dance hall band, OMG, we had 300 songs in stock and played the night until 4am. Nice money, but a donkey work.”


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