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Under the Heinz Riemer Music label, ViennaCC is amazing audiences yet again with his fantastic new 6-track record, “Minstrel- EP”

Vienna, Vienna, Austria —March 1st, 2023 – “Minstrel – EP” is the latest pop album from rising star ViennaCC, also known as Pop Daddy, and it is a fusion of electrifying beats from the world of David Guetta or Avicii, catchy melodies like Ed Sheeran and the vibrant energy of K-Pop.

From start to finish, the six track album takes listeners on a journey through an eclectic mix of dance-floor anthems and upbeat tracks that are guaranteed to get your body moving. The lead single, “Cabriolet”, about driving out with a lady in a cabriolet, sets the tone with its catchy chorus and infectious beat.
ViennaCC likes to not only tell stories but also put in some gags into the lyrics. Example from this song:”I don’t know where we’re going to, but soon we will be there”.
ViennaCC: “Lyrics are very important for me. I want not only entertain, i want to give message,tell a story. I want to be a poet.”

Other songs like “All Because I Want You” brings a touch of K-Pop magic to the mix with its catchy hooks and sing-along lyrics.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Online Love” which features a pulsing beat and soaring vocals that are sure to get you up and dancing. Meanwhile, “Sometime” is a thoughtful slow tempo song.
To the album title ViennaCC says: “I am a minstrel only, here to entertain people.”

Overall, “Minstrel – EP” emits good feeling, a spirit of positivity and is an album that delivers on its promise of bringing the best of both worlds together. With its fusion of experience as songwriter & producer and modern sounds & beats, it is a must-listen for anyone who loves to dance, song along and have a good time. Whether you’re a fan of pop or dance or electronica, this album is sure to get you in the party mood. Highly recommended!


The song “Cabriolet” is an upbeat and optimistic ode to the freedom of driving in a convertible car. The lyrics describe the thrill of driving with the sun in one’s face, taking control of the motor and feeling the wind in one’s hair. The song expresses the joy of escaping from the stresses of daily life and hitting the open road with a sense of adventure. The singer contemplates the beauty of the journey itself, rather than just the destination, and looks forward to discovering new places with a companion in the convertible. Overall, “Cabriolet” celebrates the simple pleasure of driving with the top down and enjoying the journey.

The song called “Online Love” describes the experience of falling in love with someone through online communication. The lyrics describe how the singer connects with a woman who sends him a direct message, and he checks her profile and finds her creative and fascinating. They continue to communicate online, sending emails back and forth, and the singer becomes more and more interested in her stories and adventures. The song acknowledges that while online love can be sweet and enjoyable, there is also a desire to meet in person and take the relationship to the next level. The chorus states that there will be a time and place for the two to meet in person, and the song ends by repeating the idea that there is a right time and place for everything.

The song “Love Will Come and Go” describes a fleeting romantic encounter at a club. The lyrics describe the attraction to a woman who works there and dreams of a different career. The singer enjoys the atmosphere of the club and the music but feels disappointed that the woman is out of reach. He is offered a drink called “Sex on the Beach,” which he initially mistakes for a sexual proposition. However, he soon realizes that it is just the name of the drink. The chorus emphasizes the idea that relationships can be fleeting, with people coming and going in one’s life. The lyrics acknowledge the transitory nature of romantic encounters and the idea that love can come and go.

The song “All Because I Want You” expresses the singer’s strong desire for their loved one. The lyrics describe how the singer thinks of their partner before sleeping and dreams of them throughout the night. The two are described as having a deep connection, being two halves of a whole and two sides of a coin. The singer acknowledges that the partner has taken his heart and he feels incomplete when they are not together. Despite this, the singer promises to support the partner even when they are far away, sending them smiles and following their trail. The medley emphasizes the singer’s struggle to explain their feelings, but they keep trying because they want to be with their loved one. Overall, the song is a declaration of the singer’s deep love and commitment to the partner.

The song “I Do Not Want to Lose You” expresses the desire to keep their loved one close. The lyrics describe a relationship that has gone through ups and downs but ultimately brought the couple closer together. The singer admires their partner’s looks and personality, and believes that they are meant to be together. The chorus emphasizes the idea that the singer does not want to lose their loved one, particularly during a time when they need them the most. The medley repeats this sentiment, further emphasizing the singer’s feelings of attachment and the importance of their relationship. The lyrics also mention the astrological signs of the couple, with the singer identifying as Sagittarius and believing that they have been struck by Cupid’s arrows.

The song  “Sometime” describes the emotions of the singer towards a person they care about who is going through a difficult time. It expresses empathy for their friend’s sadness and feelings of heaviness. The song emphasizes the idea that tough times will eventually pass and that good days are ahead. The lyrics also touch upon the idea that life has ups and downs and that sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. However, the singer encourages their friend to remain hopeful for a brighter future, even when things feel bleak.

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