Pop Daddy Gives Insight to His Love Life with New Album

In the realm of music and artistry, a new dawn is breaking, and it’s painted with the vibrant strokes of ViennaCC, the Viennese virtuoso also known as Pop-Daddy. Prepare to embark on a musical journey like no other as he unveils his latest masterpiece, the “Screenshots – EP.”

This album’s title, “Screenshots,” serves as a metaphor, capturing the essence of life’s most exquisite moments, akin to snapshots from the tapestry of existence. A lyrical leitmotif weaves its way through the album, and it’s none other than the timeless theme of love.

ViennaCC, the maestro himself, is “Not Averse to an Amour.” He invites you to join him in the enthralling “Game of Love.” But even as he ventures forth with hope, he explores the pitfalls of modern romance, signing up for an online dating agency, believing in the allure of love cataloged and conveniently packaged. Alas, the promise of “Ten Minute Love” quickly unravels, revealing the hollowness of superficial connections.

As the echoes of disillusionment linger, the only solace lies in the haunting song’s refrain, “All I Can Say.” ViennaCC’s poetic prowess shines through as he navigates the complexities of human connection with grace and eloquence.

In “When the Cats Come Out,” ViennaCC paints a vivid portrait of the enchanting night life of felines. Yet, beneath the surface, it becomes clear that this is an allegory, a reflection of women and their vibrant nightlife. Through his music and lyrics, ViennaCC invites you to explore this captivating world.

The melodies that adorn this EP are a “testament” to ViennaCC’s artistry. Synthesizers and guitars intertwine in the arrangements of pop-rock songs, creating a sonic tapestry that’s both enchanting and electrifying. With the exception of one slower ballad, every track is tailor-made for the dance floor, ready to set your soul in motion.

“Moments Turn to Memory,” a heartfelt ballad, encapsulates the very essence of this album’s inspiration. ViennaCC takes on the role of a US-country singer in this song, showcasing his boundless musical versatility. It’s a reminder that some moments in life are etched in our hearts forever, like the treasured “screenshots of life” that inspired this album’s title.

ViennaCC is not just a musician; he’s a creative bohemian who wears many hats. From songwriting to production, he crafts his sonic visions in his own studio. He even lends his artistic touch to music videos, creating visual spectacles that elevate his music to new heights. As a photo artist and draftsman, he continues to explore the depths of creativity, making his mark on multiple artistic fronts.

ViennaCC’s artistic journey has been nothing short of spectacular. With top ten placements in the World Indie Music Charts and European Indie Music Charts, along with accolades from film festivals and nominations at prestigious music events, he’s a true luminary in the world of music and art.

The “Screenshots – EP” is not just an album; it’s a masterpiece that invites you to dive deep into the realm of emotions, love, and artistic expression. ViennaCC, the poet of music, invites you to savor each allegory, comparison, and note as you embark on this unforgettable musical voyage. Get ready to be captivated by the brilliance of “Screenshots – EP” by ViennaCC, also known as Pop-Daddy.

The songs in alphabetic order

All I Can Say

The pop song “All I Can Say” has a tempo of 105 BPM. The lyrics reflect on a distant past, acknowledging the passage of time and the difficulty in finding the right words to express emotions. The singer confesses to always having thoughts of someone on his mind. The chorus repeats the phrase “That’s all I can say,” indicating limitations in his ability to articulate his feelings.

The song describes a period of being in a negative emotional state, with a sense of sadness and difficulty. However, the singer resolves to gather his emotions and expresses himselve honestly. He mentions allowing the words to flow as a potential starting point for communication.

The singer conveys that it’s now the right time to share his feelings, even though he is unsure of how to do so effectively. The desire to write a song like a poet reflects a longing to express himself more eloquently, but he hopes the recipient of his words understands his intentions.

The medley towards the end of the song adds another layer to his emotions. It becomes clear that the singer wishes for the person he is addressing to be present, to be close by, and by his side.

In summary, “All I Can Say” is a pop song that explores the challenges of expressing deep emotions, particularly when time has passed and circumstances have evolved. The singer grapples with finding the right words to convey his feelings for someone, ultimately hoping that his sincerity comes across despite any linguistic limitations.

Game of Love

“Game of Love” is an upbeat pop song that captures the essence of finding joy and solace in life’s unpredictable journey. Through its catchy melody and relatable lyrics, the song explores the theme of searching for fulfillment in various endeavors, only to discover that the true satisfaction lies in the simple yet intricate “game of love.”

The lyrics vividly depict the singer’s experiences with different games and activities that promise excitement and reward, ranging from horse races to lotteries. Despite attempts and hopes for success in these pursuits, disappointment and missed opportunities prevail. However, a turning point occurs when the singer stumbles upon the ultimate game – the game of love. In this pursuit, he realizes that the rules are simple, yet profound: mutual give and take, pleasure shared, and the common experiences of men and women. This realization leads to a sense of empowerment and understanding, epitomizing the universal nature of love.

Amidst the song’s lively rhythm, there’s a sense of nostalgia and wisdom as the singer acknowledges that he is “old enough” to engage in the game of love. This perspective reflects a journey of maturity and personal growth, where the pursuit of genuine connection and emotional intimacy takes precedence over fleeting thrills. The chorus acts as a rallying call to embrace this game wholeheartedly, urging both individuals and partners not to walk away, but to stay and engage in the beautiful complexity of the game of love.

Ultimately, “Game of Love” is an anthem that celebrates the universal experience of navigating life’s challenges, while highlighting the profound and transformative power of love as the ultimate reward. Its message of finding fulfillment in genuine connections resonates with listeners, making it a relatable and compelling pop song that captures the essence of the human experience.

Moments Turn to Memory

“Moments Turn to Memory” is a country song with an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and drums arrangement set at 110 BPM. The lyrics reflect on the fleeting nature of time and the value of capturing precious moments. The singer opens his diary, underscoring the transformation of present experiences into cherished memories.

The verses describe scenes where the protagonist is engaged in thoughtful observation. He compares his demeanor to that of an artist appreciating his work and acknowledge that while life can be challenging, meaningful quotes provide solace and motivation. The lyrics ponder the destination of forgotten thoughts and stress the importance of seizing each moment, emphasizing the significance of the present instant.

The chorus reinforces the theme, suggesting that the passing of time is inevitable, but the captured moments become lasting memories. The protagonist is seen in front of a mirror, displaying a unique expression that makes him stand out. His companions share laughter, symbolizing the joy found in life’s unpredictable journey. The metaphor of a roundabout and jamboree highlights the whirlwind nature of existence, with no guaranteed fallback plan. The key thought is that on a jamoree you move off but lastely stay in place.

The lyrics delve into the paradox of movement and stasis, as the protagonist starts his journey with vigor but feels as though he is merely treading water. A notable verse portrays the protagonist’s thoughts hanging in a cloud, hinting at the ephemeral nature of ideas. The mention of a camera signifies a desire to capture moments visually, portraying someone who takes pride in his appearance.

The chorus resurfaces, emphasizing the transformation of moments into memories. The protagonist inscribes collected inspirations on his clothing, showcasing his individuality and enthusiasm for unconventional ideas. The song concludes by describing the protagonist as a “nerd,” showcasing his outgoing and nonconformist personality. The lyrics ultimately invite listeners to embrace unique perspectives and cherish fleeting moments as they evolve into cherished memories.

ViennaCC: I tried to imitate a US country singer.

Not Averse to an Amour

A Melodic Journey Through Love’s Evolution

With a pulsating tempo of 115 BPM, “Not Averse to an Amour” is a captivating rocky pop song that delves into the complexities of changing relationships and the possibility of rediscovering love. The song’s PreRefrain sets the stage with repetition, demanding attention as it insists, “Let me make one thing clear,” serving as a compelling prelude to the story about to unfold.

The Rerain sweeps listeners into a narrative of transformative love, where amidst the turmoil of shifting dynamics, the singer suggests a potential resolution: “In the event that things will change, there is something that we could arrange.” The lyrics poignantly highlight the essence of compromise and open communication to salvage a fading connection. The use of the word “amour” adds an element of sophistication, hinting at the depth of the emotions being explored.

Refrain 2 amplifies the song’s urgency, with the singer expressing a strong desire for a profound connection. The repeated declaration, “Yes I want more, and what I want, I want, I want it now,” echoes the sentiments of longing and immediacy. The singer’s willingness to offer support is evident in lines like “If you need somebody to hold you, girl you have it,” showing the song’s central theme of rekindling intimacy.

Amidst these emotions, the singer’s reflective tone emerges in the verse, reminiscing about a past when his connection was strong and his partner’s affections were solely theirs. The lyrics encapsulate the pain of watching his love being directed elsewhere: “Oh, you cook for someone else, not anymore for me.” These lines evoke nostalgia and loss, painting a vivid picture of emotional upheaval.

As the chorus returns, the song emphasizes the idea of maintaining communication despite changing circumstances, reiterating the singer’s commitment to staying connected: “From time to time I want to talk, I do not chatter much, I will not bother, will not stalk, but let us keep in touch.” This sentiment showcases the maturity in handling a relationship’s evolution while still holding onto a flicker of hope.

In its closing moments, the song takes an introspective turn, with the singer proposing the idea of giving love a chance once more. The final refrain, filled with anticipation, urges the listener, “Hmmm, my dear, isn’t it a good idea? Give it a try, a try, a try, try, try. Only once, let’s see what happens, we’re gonna have a good time.” This conclusion leaves the audience with a sense of optimism, inviting them to believe in the power of second chances and the potential for a brighter future.

“Not Averse to an Amour” is more than just a rocky pop song; it’s a heartfelt narrative that captures the nuances of evolving relationships and the enduring hope for love’s rekindling. With its energetic tempo, poignant lyrics, and a message of resilience, the song resonates with anyone who has experienced the twists and turns of love’s journey.

Ten Minutes Love

“Ten Minutes Love” is a captivating rocky pop song that resonates with the modern complexities of online dating. Set to a catchy tempo of 115 BPM, the song delves into the intriguing world of virtual romance with an engaging storyline.

The lyrics kick off with a relatable scenario, as the protagonist excitedly signs up for an online dating agency, brimming with hope and expectations. The digital landscape is filled with promises, and the protagonist is swept up into the ‘love cloud,’ eager to discover a genuine connection. Clever slogans on the website catch his attention, leaving him awe-struck and almost skeptical of the possibilities that lie ahead.

The second verse takes a humorous turn, chronicling the somewhat monotonous journey of filling out forms and answering a seemingly endless questionnaire. Click by click, he starts anew, emphasizing the importance of honesty and fairness in this digital quest for love. The intricate algorithms of the computer filter come into play, hinting at the role of technology in matchmaking.

The bridge adds a twist to the tale, as the computer makes a match and presents a selection of potential partners. Here, the song paints a picture of the virtual smorgasbord, where alluring profiles await the lonely hearts. The protagonist navigates this sea of profiles, scrolling and clicking as the clock ticks away. The lyrics cleverly touch upon the notion of love being seemingly available in a catalogue, underscoring the increasingly commodified nature of online romance.

In the third verse, a captivating encounter takes place as the protagonist stumbles upon a lady’s profile adorned with a captivating picture. Enthusiastically, he sends emoticons and friendly messages, making a date effortlessly with just a single click. But as the narrative unfolds, a surprising twist awaits – after just ten minutes, the connection fades away, highlighting the fleeting nature of virtual connections and suggesting that the lady may have found another love interest.

The repeated refrains further emphasize the concept of love on a digital timer – every ten minutes someone falls in love, creating an intriguing rhythm that mirrors the swiping and scrolling on dating apps. The song captures the juxtaposition between the optimism of finding love and the ephemeral nature of online interactions.

“Ten Minutes Love” encapsulates the modern challenges of forging connections in a technologically driven world. With its dynamic rhythm and relatable storyline, the song invites listeners to reflect on the rapid pace and transitory nature of online dating, all while grooving to its catchy tune.

When the Cats Come Out

Embracing Nocturnal Freedom

Unveiling a captivating glimpse into the enigmatic realm of the night, “When the Cats Come Out” is a pop/rock sensation that sets the pace at 110 BPM. With a magnetic pull, this song weaves a tale of feline nightlife, narrating the stories of these nocturnal wanderers with a blend of poetry and melody.

Set against a backdrop of steady beats and captivating guitar riffs, the song paints an evocative picture of cats or with a twinkle of an eye ladies moving like cats stepping into their nocturnal dominion. They move with elegance, their every step resonating with stealth and grace. The lyrics capture the essence of their prowess—the sharp claws, keen eyes, and a hunter’s pace—as they embark on a journey through the shadowy streets.

As the night unfolds, the darkness envelops them like a protective cloak, shrouding their movements in secrecy. The world becomes their canvas of secrets, a playground of mysteries waiting to be unraveled. The night transforms into their kingdom, vast and full of possibilities that stretch into eternity.

The chorus resonates as an anthem to their unbridled spirit. “When the cats come out, that’s what night life is about,” it proclaims, celebrating their liberation under the moon’s watchful eye. The verses convey an air of elegance intertwined with an aura of enigma. With eyes aglow in the darkness, they venture forth untamed and wild, a perfect embodiment of the allure that the night holds.

The song doesn’t merely celebrate the feline world; it also encapsulates a metaphorical message. Just as the cats emerge from the shadows, the lyrics remind us that even amidst life’s uncertainties, we can find our own moments to break free and embrace the unknown. It’s a song for those who dare to explore beyond the familiar boundaries.

As the melody winds down, the outro leaves us with a parting thought. “One thing let me say, in the dark cool alley not all cats are grey,” it reflects, hinting at the diversity that defines life’s adventures. The closing lines add a layer of depth, encouraging us to appreciate the uniqueness that each individual brings to the tapestry of existence.

In “When the Cats Come Out,” the magic of the night takes center stage, inviting us to join the world of feline wonders, where the boundaries of reality blur and imagination runs free. Through its rhythm, lyrics, and soul-stirring melody, the song leaves an indelible mark, a reminder that within the embrace of the night, there’s a story waiting to be lived by every adventurous heart.

… or does ViennaCC sing about ladies ?

Detailed analysis

Unveiling Nocturnal Enigma: The Anthem of the Night

In the realm of music that resonates with our deepest emotions, there are songs that become more than just sound; they are stories that evoke vivid imagery, capturing the essence of life’s hidden moments. One such song that has been etched into the heart of pop/rock aficionados is “When the Cats Come Out”, an enchanting melody that explores the enigmatic allure of the night through the eyes of its most enigmatic creatures.

At a rhythm of 110 beats per minute, “When the Cats Come Out” sets the tone with its captivating blend of pop and rock elements, crafting a musical canvas that mirrors the intriguing journey of these feline nocturnes. The lyrics, skillfully composed, whisk listeners away into the shadowy realm of the night, where a symphony of stealth and grace unfolds.

“Cats go out at night with stealth and grace,
Sharp claws, keen eye, a hunter’s pace.”

From the very first verse, the song draws us into a world shrouded in darkness, where cats become the embodiment of elegance and mystery. With each line, the words paint a vivid picture of these creatures as they venture into the night, their movements a dance of grace and precision, their senses sharp and vigilant, embodying the primal essence of the hunt.

“They roam the streets, proud, astir,
Don’t you envy them their feline flair?”

The lyrics invite us to reflect upon the freedom these cats experience as they explore the urban landscape. They roam the streets with an air of confidence and curiosity, invoking a sense of admiration and even envy for their carefree demeanor. The song masterfully captures the essence of this envy, inviting us to imagine what it would be like to embrace life with the same unwavering self-assuredness.

“The darkness wraps them like a cloak,
A world of secrets, theirs to know.
The night is theirs, a kingdom vast,
With endless possibilities that last.”

As the song progresses, the lyrics delve deeper into the metaphorical cloak of darkness that envelops these creatures. The night becomes their domain, a realm of hidden treasures and possibilities. The song conjures a sense of wonder as it beckons us to explore the secrets that the night holds, urging us to embrace the unfamiliar and step outside our comfort zones, much like these feline explorers.

“Creatures nightly breaking free,
Elegance with touch of mystery
In the dark their eyes aglow,
Untamed, wild, they come and go.”

With every lyrical flourish, the song highlights the captivating allure of the night and its inhabitants. The imagery of glowing eyes in the darkness and the notion of untamed wildness paints a picture of creatures unbound by the constraints of daylight. These lines capture the essence of liberation that comes with the night, where inhibitions are shed, and authenticity reigns.

“When the cats come out
Oh, when the cats come out
That’s what night life is about”

The chorus serves as a resonating anthem, celebrating the spirit of the night and the liberation it offers. It encapsulates the core message of the song – that the night holds a unique magic, and to truly live is to embrace its mysteries and embrace the essence of freedom that it symbolizes.

“One thing let me say
In the dark cool alley not all cats are grey”

As the song draws to a close, it leaves us with a poignant reminder that even in the darkness, uniqueness and diversity prevail. Just as not all cats are gray, not all individuals are the same, even when shrouded in the same circumstances. This final verse encourages us to embrace our individuality and celebrate the kaleidoscope of colors that make up the fabric of life.

Finally the song is a allegory of ladies in night life.

“When the Cats Come Out” transcends the boundaries of a mere song; it’s a narrative, a sensory experience that transports listeners into the heart of the night. With its alluring melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, it ignites a fire of curiosity, inviting us to venture beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary, much like the cats that inspired its creation. In a world that often overlooks the subtle marvels of the night, this pop/rock masterpiece stands as a testament to the power of music to illuminate the hidden beauty that lies just beyond the shadows.

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