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Though in these pandemic times business is slowing down I am working on sounds and videos and produced a new EP album and music videos. Therefore the EP album is named “Nevertheles”. This EP album contains six pop / rock songs for commercial radio.

The goal is to spread good vibes to the world. All songs are inspired by pandemic times.

Lockdown made me dream about ladies.

In need of love and maybe more I wrote the song “Love and Maybe More” and “Precious and Sweet”, a rock song where I am dreaming of ladies like sweet fruits.

What else to do during lockdown than messaging? But does the lady get the message right and understand it right and the more understand the hidden message? That is what the song “Read Between the Lines” is about.

Isn’t it better to write clear words? Clear words like “You Are the One”. The lyrics sound like a countdown, but the message is clear: You – meaning the lady of love – are the one.

I am hoping that during lockdown the lady of love will not leave me, from my point of view a wrong decision. There are so many “Possible Ways” to go and every moment we all have to make decisions. And sometimes we take the wrong decision.

Where are the times when love brought me down? This is what the song “Your Love Brings Me Down” is about.

I published music videos for all six songs of the album. Two videos show the artist performing the song, one cartoon, video with impressionistic foorages and two lyrics videos. I was working with a Chinese (professional) dancer, a black lady from Columbia and a cartoon specialist from Pakistan. Three out of five continents involved. They made a very good job for me.

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