Corona song about staying at home. What to do at home? Watching tv, checking social media and posting, cooking myself. Surprisingly I survive my own cooking. But it’s not boring. I work on a song. What else can a creative do?
Here the lyrics of the song:

Stay at Home

Watch the latest news on tv
Thinking what that means to me
Laughing with a comedian
One more crime film and my day is done
Sitting home, lazy bone
Some time someone on the phone
Checking on my mobile social media
Writing posts and citing wikipedia
Food from fridge and box in microwave
What a money save
Monday schnitzel, tuesday cake
Daily pizza, coke and sunday steak
Meanwhile knowing how to toast and boil an egg
Yes, I did survive, yes, I’m still alive
Stay at home
(Stay at home, stay at home)
And make the best of it

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